It’s here…



Well my new toy has arrived. I unpacked and laid out all the parts. I have some big plans for this item. Can you guess what it is? I will hope to use it this weekend and then post how it was used, with an example. 

Leave me a comment if you think you know what it is…


4 thoughts on “It’s here…

  1. Too easy… it’s a panoramic table for making 360 degree shots.

    Or it’s an upgrade for your R2D2 so that he can open liquor bottles easier at parties.


  2. Wii fit platform for hamsters? The first-ever anti-gravity cocktail napkin? A two-dimentional model of La Scala? A micro-dais for the exhibition the ego of one James Tiberius Kirk? George Bush’s apprehension of economics? Jimmy Hoffa?

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