IWHS vs Antonian Girls Basketball Game 1-15-15

BSS_TrioThe girls that grew up together playing sports played last night against each other.

It was weird for me to watch so I focused on taking pictures. 

Of course I took my camera and realized just how rusty I was since I don’t shoot games anymore. I tried to sit up in the stands but finally moved to down to the floor with the other photographers. Again, I’m a bit rusty but I think I held my own with the other photographers. I shot with my Nikon D7000, lens 70-200mm at F/2.8.

It was good to see my “extended family” and not to have the pressure of getting every shot for a Sports Banquet. 🙂 Plus, I was shooting still/photography and not video this time. And since my little girl isn’t playing sports (she was an ACTS retreat and couldn’t make the game) Elizabeth and I were able to leave early as well. But of course, I HAD TO GET a little creative with my Header post.

I posted the pictures below. Click on each picture for a larger view.


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