Lego Superman flies 5-8-20

Give the video a minute to load.

I had seen how some folks had strapped an action figure (Superman) just in front of the Drone’s camera. This gave the illusion that Superman figure was flying. So I wanted to try this on a smaller scale. 

Using a Lego Superman I tried mounting him just in front of my the Mavic Mini camera but unfortunately – the onboard camera couldn’t focus that close – so I opted for adding a GoPro Hero Session to the top of my Mavic Mini. It was going to add some weight but maybe it would work. 

And it did – for  a little. 

At first I 3D printed some parts but then thought about being able to custom a figure in front of the camera so since I was using a Lego Superman – it only made sense to just get some lego parts. I called San Antonio Bricks (local lego place) and the owner Ron (great guy) hooked me up with some lego parts. I started putting it together and it worked! 

For a while.

See my Mavic Mini is very small and any additional weight could cause it to be off balance. It got off the air but struggled with distance and height (lots of low flights) and even eventually landed hard. 

So this comes to the end of this project but it was fun. I hope you enjoyed the video – purposely had the cape to the side so you could see it was Superman. 


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