Light box build

I’m always trying to build stuff to help compliment the photography and video I tinker in. So, two weeks ago I built a “light box” to place items inside and have the product evenly lit.

There are plenty of DIY plans on the web so after some searching, I selected this one and modified it to my liking.

I wanted to make it bigger and “cooler” – from a light/heat perspective.

Most of the plans have you using bright incandescent bulbs but I used fluorescent bulbs that do not generate heat AND they are GREEN (save the planet) which my wife really loves to push on me.

So over the course of two days, I completed my build with stuff I bought at Home Depot – sans the white sheet Liz purchased for me at Walmart. And this time…I didn’t use PVC. Can you believe it?

I’m pretty happy with the results. Plus, it folds up nicely.

As soon I as built it I couldn’t wait to test it so I just started grabbing things and photographing them using Liz’s Nikon DSLR. See one shot below – you can click on it for a larger picture.

I didn’t really color correct any of the images in Photoshop (other than to get rid of some spots), so some might be a little dark but overall, I’m pleased with the results.

I should have used a light on top (other than just the two on the side) but that would meant tearing the light box down and moving it into my study and well, I was just too excited and just started shooting on my workbench.

I also posted more images of the build below plus other (macro) stuff I photographed inside it. Just click on an image to blow it up or view as a slideshow.


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