Liz is doing much better

finger_wagI say this because she’s no longer content to stay in bed and becoming a bit more vocal about what I am and AM NOT doing.

– She’s letting me know that my “Man-Cleaning” of the kitchen is just not cutting it (that’s how I roll).
– I’m letting the kids watch too much TV (Hey, it’s summer)
– Why haven’t I come over to come talk and spend time with her (forgive me but snot is not that attractive)
– And why am I taking a nap in the middle of the afternoon? (Hello, I’m on vacation plus it’s tiring taking care of everyone!)

So, she must be feeling better.

When I took her to the doctor on Thursday, she was just miserable. They did a flu test on her and had to wait for the results. He said he would prescribe her Tamil Flu to help get her better. When he asked how everyone was doing and I told him, Emmy was doing just well, Joaquin still had a nagging cough but no fever and I had not been sick. He looked down at me from his glasses and said he would prescribe me some “preventative” Tamil Flu since my exposure was high. Better safe than sorry.

Later that day Liz told me (I would say more like ordered me) to take Joaquin to the doctor on Friday just to make sure he was getting better since he has Football camp next week. He is the only one that didn’t get any medication and after a quick trip to our Pediatrician, it was confirmed that he was on his way to mending himself. He would be cleared to go to Football camp next week.

Later that day – we all left Liz in bed and did some shopping for some items for the house and groceries. Of course when I got home, Liz came over to inspect and gave me a lecture on why I’m not allowed to go grocery shopping. Again – she must be gettting better.

I finally decided to sleep in the same bed with her (we’d been avoiding that to prevent the spread of infection) but she kept getting hot and cold so again, I was only a hitchhiker to the night’s sleep on my bed. I had to endure her tossing and turning, some coughing (to my back) and her constant covering and uncovering of the blankets. I’m hoping tonight will be better since she got up and made us all breakfast Saturday morning.

Oh and the doctor’s office called – Liz (like Emmy) tested NEGATIVE for the flu. Hmmm…interesting. Liz did stop taking the Tamil Flu because she said it was giving her a headache. Let’s hope it doesn’t prevent her recovery.

So that’s the latest update. My two week vacation comes to a close on Sunday and I’ll be back at work…to rest perhaps? 🙂


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