They’ve all got it.

gman_omegamanSo just as the doctor predicted – Emmy got a high fever. Now all three have it. Liz, Emmy and Joaquin all have the flu and I’m the last hold out.

So far I haven’t gotten any of the symptoms – I’ve been too busy running around taking temperatures, dispensing medication, wiping down counters, door knobs and areas “they” have laid in. Been pretty busy. In between, I’ve been washing my hands and using the hand sanitizer – hoping to ward off the germs.

Poor Emmy – she got up to 104 – so I had to cool her down with some cool towels. I got her fever down to 100 and she’s doing better…after she threw up. Yuck. I did get her the Tamil Flu medication and gave her the 1st dose. She should be doing better by tomorrow.

Liz was able to get up and have some soup I made. She went back to bed.

Joaquin does seem to be improving. He’s not as warm as before and is already asking for more food. Probably a good sign.

Me, I had my Ravioli and doing okay…so far…

omegamanWhat’s keeping me sane through all this? My over active imagination helps. I can sit down for about an hour while “they” sleep and think of creative ways to keep everyone informed on the status of my family.

My mind starts to wander and I think I’m in a movie, you know, like Charlton Heston in the Omega Man.

So I hop on my Mac and find images to “alter.”  So to the left is what I came up with so far. Pretty much fit the bill – the three on the top are the “infected” and of course – I’m down at the bottom – struggling to keep from getting infected. Not my best work – but I’m working fast. I’ve included the original image over on the right if you want to click and see what I altered.

I know, it’s a stretch – but it keeps me occupied in between taking temperatures and dispensing medication.


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