Preemptive Strike


I just came back from loading up on supplies. Everyone seems to be sick in our household (sans me) and I don’t want to be next. Plus – someone needs to be healthy to help everyone out right?

By now – most of you have heard how our trip to the South Padre was cut short because Joaquin was sick. We decided to leave early and then Liz took him to the ER. Luckily, it was not Pneumonia just the flu – not the swine type either. But now Liz is running a high fever.

medic_patchSo this morning I got up and made a list of items we’d need. Hand Sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, tissues, soup, crackers, vitamin C and Raviloi. Ravioli you ask? It’s for me.I need something I can make quick and easy (even eat cold if need be) while I’m running around being the medic for my family.

Since Emmy had a scratchy throat I went ahead and took her to our pediatrician. She was tested for Strep throat and the flu – both came back negative but the doctor and I decided to not take any chances and get her started on some preventative Tamil flu medication. This way we don’t have to put her through what Joaquin and Liz are going through.  I’ve made an appointment for Liz to see her doctor tomorrow at 10am. Hopefully, she’ll get some Tamil Flu medication as well.

For now – I’m just going around the house, wiping down stuff and using the hand sanitizer while I’m treating the troops. Let’s hope I don’t get sick – I’m back at work on Monday.

Thanks for everyone’s well wishes.


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