Just the flu…


Never thought it I would hear myself say that was “a good thing.” Liz and Joaquin got home around 1am from the hospital and the good news is – no Pheunonia for Joaquin. It’s just the flu. Whew!

…and they specifically stated it’s not the Swine Flu.

They did another throat culture as well and it came up negative too. They said they didn’t need to do a chest X-ray and that Joaquin would be “bouncing around” in a couple of days.

Only problem is – Liz is sick now. While we were at South Padre, she insisted on sleeping with Joaquin in one of the Queen beds we had in the hotel room to watch him. He must have coughed on her because on the drive home, she was getting a scratchy throat. They told her at the hospital that she’d probably get sick too and this morning (she decided to sleep on the sofa so as not to get me sick) she has a 101 temperature! She feels horrible.

Now that Liz is sick, in retrospect – it was a good decision to leave South Padre early. Imagine driving home with two sick people. Of course I would be driving and poor Emmy would have had to do her best to help. Speaking of Emmy, the jury is still out on her getting sick. She was coughing  a little yesterday but this morning I didn’t feel a temperature on her. We’ll see. (update – she’s got 99.8 temperature).

You just never know. We could’ve stayed home, canceled our vacation and I bet you Joaquin would have not gotten a fever. Doesn’t it always work out that way?

So now it’s my turn be the nurse. Maybe I’ll just “scare them” into feeling better?



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