“Drake, we are LEAVING!”


Well – we just got home with our sick son. We ended it about a day early. He and Mommy are on their way to the ER because he’s really sick.

To fill you in – while Emmy and I went to go visit the Sea Turtle Rescue farm – Liz called our Pediatrician and explained that we were five hours away from home and that we just couldn’t get Joaquin’s fever down for very long. We mentioned he did not have Strep throat but had a constant cough and a fever. Our Pediatrician stated we could do two things.

  1. Take him to the emergency room there in South Padre or…
  2. Drive him home but take him to the ER as well.

The doctor thought Joaquin might Pneumonia! Only an X-Ray of his chest would confirm that.

So – we made the call and decided to drive all the way back home with our sick son. His fever was down, thanks to the Tylenol and we’d rather have him treated at home.

We left South Padre at 4pm and got home at 8:30pm. While Emmy and I unpacked – Liz took off with Joaquin to the ER. She just called me and told me it was crowded but they are signed in. Now for the waiting game. I’ll post more tomorrow.

BTW – what does that picture and headline mean? Well if you are a true (and I mean die-hard) fan of Sci Fi – you’d know that was Corporal Hicks from the Aliens movie. It’s what he says when they need to bug out.


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