102 degrees…


Not the weather – my son’s┬átemperature.

Seems the evil bad spirits are following us. My son Joaquin got sick on Saturday. He was coughing alot so we knew we were heading for the coast so we didn’t want to take any chances. Liz took him to the Texas Med Clinic on Sunday and they said it was just a virus.

No – not the pig virus either.

They said he’d get over it pretty quick. They did take a throat culture just to be safe but would not have the results until later.

On Monday, he was feeling a little better so we decided to chance it take our vacation – we had already booked the hotel. He said he was good to go (still coughing abit) but he wanted to go as well. So we brought him. Along the way he was having a mild fever and Nurse Mom took care of him.

Then last night his fever spiked to 102. We got it down with Tylenol and he was doing better and he wanted to go to the beach. After about an hour, he got groggy so he just stayed under the umbrella with “Blanco Boy Dad” while Emmy and Liz enjoyed the beach. He didn’t want to leave – what a trooper.

Finally around 12:30pm, he felt a little warm so Liz took him back upstairs to the hotel room. 102 again. We were nervous.

We called the Med Clinic and they told us he did not have Strep throat – the culture was negative. But Liz is still worried. So we gave him some more Tylenol and letting ┬áhim sleep. Emmy and I will head to the Turtle Rescue place while he sleeps but I think we’re gonna cut our stay short. We just don’t want to chance it.

More later,


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