Made it to South Padre!


Well, we made it to South Padre Island to begin our two day relaxation with the kiddos. We left a little late (10:30am) and had to drive through some hellacious thunder storms but once we crossed the Port Isabel bridge…the clouds parted and the angels sang…or Sea Gulls just said, “mine…mine…mine…” 🙂

We have a great room right near and facing the beach. Liz did a good job of picking the location but then again – she’s the beach person not me. Although I admit, walking along the beach in 80 degree weather was quite relaxing. (update – we had to leave early)

So just a quick post to show your our location and our walk on the beach – we’re gonna take off and get something to eat and then hit the beach hard tomorrow. Might even do some sight-seeing off the beach too. There is a Sea Turtle rescue location somewhere here (big shout out to Dan for letting us know!) and we might go visit. This is the first trip we’ve made to the beach with Emmy and she loves it.

click on the photos for larger versions.


So more tomorrow – if I’m not too sunburned.


PS – We went and had dinner at Louie’s restaurant and the rain came back but when we got back to the hotel room – it cleared up and a golden light bathed the shoreline…then we noticed the rainbow…or two. It’s a good sign eh?

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