Terminator Salvation

gman terminator

This was a movie I was really excited about and on my list of summer movies to see. I’m a big fan of the Terminator series and although I was disappointed with T3 – this one did not disappoint me.

Rather than go back in history like “Wolverine Origins” and “Star Trek” – this movie went forward with the storyline. Weird since in the Terminator movies – they go back in time. So to me it was refreshing to move forward rather than go back and explain how it all happened.

The movie helped answer questions I had from the previous movies and payed some homage to some of the lines, “Come with me if you want to live” and “I’ll be back.”  Plus at the end of the movie – they paid tribute to the legendary Stan Winston. Two important characters from the 1st two movies made cameos as well.

The big special effects, explosions and actions scenes where good and the introduction of new characters such as Sam Worthington, Moon Bloodgood (what cool name) and Bryce Dallas Howard (I knew I recognized those beautiful blue eyes from Spiderman 3) were great too.

I was also wondering where they came up with the movie title, “Terminator Salvation” and in the movie – it was answered.

terminator dudSince this movie opened up during Memorial day weekend and against A Night at the Museum 2, some of the reviews were mild so I was worried I wasn’t going to like it. Couple that with the fact it was directed by hough it was directed by McG – I’m still pissed at him for bringing the Aliens saga to the beginning of it’s downfall with the horrible Aliens 3 – don’t get me started. I even came up with a movie poster depicting how I hated it but it wasn’t bad. Click to see a larger image to see what I came up with to the left.

But I’m happy to say I liked it.

Interesting at the end of the movie, Joaquin was asking me all these questions about the movie and I told him he should watch the first two to better understand the time line and characters. He’s gonna be off this summer and I have both T1 and T2 so he’s gonna watch them.

So the next one’s on my list are UP and Transformers 2.


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