Macro Photography Test 1-13-15

Macro_setupDecided to try my hand at some macro photography. I bought some macro tubes for my Sony A6000. The macro tubes snap between theĀ camera and lens. I used a small table top tripod and some rail sliders thenĀ used the remote function on my iPad mini to trigger the camera. I also used my new “light wands” to illuminate the subject. Even though you see my external flashes, I didn’t use them, I was just too lazy to put them away. You can click on these images to get a larger view.


At first glance the photos look great but when I zoomed in at 100% (the 2nd photo) I noticed they were kinda soft. I tried bumping up my Aperture to F11 (at the end) but the focus point is just so tight. I’ll practice some more but we’ll see. For now, it was fun to try. I can’t even imaging doing this in front of a spider.

Below is the gallery of some of the photos I took. One full frame and one at 100%. Click on them for a larger view.


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