Mini Lego Batman Tumbler (Batmobile) 1-31-15


Most of you know how big of a Batman fan I am. I especially love, love the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy and I’m especially fond of the new Batmobile or the Tumbler as it’s called. It even came to San Antonio one time and I was there..taking pictures. Click on this link to see them.

About three weeks ago I happened by the Lego Store in North Star Mall and saw the BIG LEGO Batmobile. $200 bucks,

Yeah…no way I’m getting that. 

But I did find a smaller version of it. I looked online and found one but there is actually a “used” Lego store here in SA, so I called, they had one and I went and bought it. Came home and built it. Love it so I took pics in Macro mode with my Sony A6000. You can view the pictures below. Click on them for a larger view.

Yup – I never will grow up.


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