Mavic Mini -Inaugural flight 2-21-20

Finally got the courage to get my new Mavic Mini drone up for it’s first flight. I’m not about flying it up high – I want the “sweeping cinematic shots” so here you go. 

give the video a minute to load…

Also – one of the things I was struggling with was getting the drone up in the air – see I live by two airports and the DJI app I use has “GEO FENCES” that prevent me from taking off.

“You don’t want some idiot flying into restricted airspace..”

But there are waivers – took me a minute to figure that out and I did while inside the house and the Mavic Mini was airborne. So, I didn’t want to take the chance and shut down the Mavic Mini and not be able to take off again, so I put it in hover and opened the door. It was nerve wracking – but I was successful in flying it out of the house. So naturally – after I was done flying outside – I flew it back in. 

Yeah – to say it impacted my heart rate – is an understatement. 


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