Merit Badges so far…

My son has Boy Scout uniform inspection tomorrow. It’s about time he started to place those Merit badges he’s earned on a sash to wear at formal event.

As I was driving off from work today, I remembered he needed a sash. So a I made a quick detour to the Boy Scout shop and got in just before they closed and picked up the official sash!

Later in the evening, we collected his Merit badges and since Liz was very tired, I told her I would sew them on.

It was only five — how tough could it be?

After sewing on three on one row and bending the needle, I noticed I had sewn them ON THE WRONG SIDE!

So as I was tearing off the stitches, Liz came over and said she’d help. She took out some “cloth glue tape” and ironed them on in about 10mins.


But it was cool to see my son’s progress towards being an Eagle Scout. For those of you looking at the sash, it’s:

First Aid, Horsemanship, Rifle shooting (thank you Uncle Martin) click on Uncle Martin for story. Veterinary medicine and Fingerprinting (Uncle Jim would be proud)

So if we’re ever riding horses and he sees me suddenly fall off my horse, he’ll run to me, administer First Aid to me (and the horse) all the while trying to identify the rifle type by the report and…take…my finger prints? 🙂

I hope he makes it to Eagle Scout. It’s a long road and I know he’s not alone. Dad’s gotta help too.

But better than he did tonight.

Anyways, I’m proud of him and I had to share.


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