Movie night at the Saldivars…

We had a very productive Saturday and we decided to order some Chinese dinner for delivery and then watch some movies.

I plopped myself on the sofa and as I was channel surfing, I found a classic western on one of the HD channels.

The movie was John Wayne’s “Big Jake.” Loved that movie but I sure couldn’t get any of my kids to watch it!

I sure do love that movie.

Especially the line, “…I thought you were dead?”

Or whenever he’s give a command to his dog, John Wayne would just yell, “DOG!” And the dog would do his bidding.

At one point during the movie, Emmy looked up (from her Nintendo DS) and asked, “Is that the man from Hatari?”

“Yes, is.” I smiled because I showed them that movie a while back too.

I finished watching the movie, mouthing some of the lines when dinner arrived. We sat down to eat a great meal and afterwards we all plopped down on the sofa to watch Tangled. Liz and Emmy had seen it and we picked up the Blu-Ray disc just on Saturday to watch.

During the movie Emmy asked if we could make popcorn. I took this as an opportunity to introduce my kids to Jiffy Pop Popcorn! Remember that? I do. They had never had this wonderful treat I remembered growing up as kid. Back before microwave popcorn…

So I paused the movie and we all headed to the kitchen to watch Mom make us some popcorn on the stove, Emmy all excited.

I got inspired and I filmed it. See video below.


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