Super Moon Photo/Video shoot

My buddies and I decided to try and shoot the “Super full moon” this past Saturday night. Above is a pic of one of the trio setting up his Canon XL2 next to my Nikon D7000. We had a blast. Excuse the poor quality of that photo – I snapped it with my iPhone.

When we heard this was going to be the biggest, brightness moon in about 18years, Fernando, Mike and I just couldn’t resist. We decided to make an evening of it by going out to Mike’s place in Somerset, grill some steaks, drink some beer and start shoot’n.

I picked up Fernando from his place and we headed off to Mike’s place. It was funny how excited we both were. Fernando got in my truck with his tripod and camera and asked,

“Are you ready to go fishing!?”

Neither one of use fish but I guess that’s kind of the euphoria most fishermen get when they are about to embark on a fun trip. Only ours was backwards. We were heading out around 5pm not 5am.

We got to Mike’s and we grilled and chatted on what we’d shoot. The sunset was gorgeous so we took the opportunity to shoot it as well. I was excited to experiment with my Nikon D7000 in still and video.

As the red sun set deep into the western horizon it got really dark and we stood there in the roadway, waiting for the moon to appear. It took some time and we even walked back to the house when Fernando immediately jumped up, grabbed his camera and said, “There it is!”

One funny moment — as we were shooting in the darkness, the coyotes started howling in the large field across the roadway. The look on Fernando’s face, illuminated by the full moon was priceless. LOL.

The clouds cooperated and left the night sky while we shot. Fernando got some great shots with his Canon and Mike was a great host, content to walk around and help us out while sipping his beer.

I tried the D7000 High Def video feature but I don’t think it came out well so I’m not posting. I did quickly switch to digital still mode and got some good shots. You can see them below in the gallery. Just click on them for a larger view.

Around 10:30pm we decided to call it a night and good thing too as the clouds came back. After I dropped off Fernando I headed home and stepped into my backyard and shot this movie which I like.

It was a fun shoot. I hope to get better.

Thanks for letting me share.


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