My to do list while on Spring Break

So I’m starting my Spring Break this week with my kiddos. They are off, so I’m off. They are still too young to be left alone for a week (14 and 10).

Unfortunately, Liz will have to work so I’ve come up with a “to do list” and showed it to here so she doesn’t think we’re just goofing off or relaxing.


But I digress.

I’ve already knocked some items off my to do list and I hope to check off a lot more before the week ends.

I think the toughest of all of these will be setting up my new iMac. I’ll need to transfer all my files to this new behemoth AND then give my old iMac to my son Joaquin.

If you think I was salivating to get my new iMac – he’s been doing just the same.

Only problem is that I’ll need to “raise” his hutch on his desk since the Mac he’ll be getting is much larger and won’t fit on his desk the way it’s currently set up.

I’ll be posting updates on my blog as we (the kiddos and I) move along the week.

And I’m sure Liz will add some items along the week as well.

So let’s see how much we get done – check back frequently.


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