Next item un-boxed

So as promised, I’m un-boxing another item that I received on Friday. You’ve already seen my spotlight so this one is for photography as well.

Now, please excuse the horrible photos of the product (not the miniatures) – I’m using my iPhone to take some. Then I do my best to correct then in Photoshop.

Most of you have seen my DIY light box I built a while back right? If not – you can click here to see it.

It’s a great lightbox but kinda big. So I ordered this one online that basically collapeses into a small package and allows me to set it up quickly, take my photos and then fold it back up and put it away. The lights that came with it are not too bright but for $30 it’s not bad. I just used some other CFL bulbs and it was plenty. Click on the photos for a larger view.

I then hooked up my Nikon D7000 to my Mac and used this free software called Sofortbild that lets me shoot tethered. I shoot and see/save the picture on my Mac. Plus, I can adjust the Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO all from my Mac! Pretty cool stuff.

Here are some photos of the pictures I took. I’m doing a “before and after” as I will soak these plastic minatures in some liquid to strip the paint off them and re-paint them. All except for the one that looks different.

I actually painted that Terminator Space Marine a while back and it sits on my desk as a reminder of what I used to be able to do! But, seeing those little Halo guys inspired me and I hope to paint them someday.

See the gallery of them below. You can click on them for a larger view.

So one more item to ubox – it’s not that great but I’ll post it later.


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