The best Father’s day gift ever…so far

Stumbled across an unexpected Father’s day gift today.I received my wonderful gifts from my family today. Even though I had purchased some for myself.

I wanted to make a tribute to my father who (God rest his soul) had passed away back in July 2001 – oddly enough, two years to the day my dear mother-in-law had passed as well.

So I started searching for this email I had written to my younger brother about his and my feelings about our somewhat “difficult relationship” with our Dad. I remember mentioning how I had forgiven my Dad along time ago about how he treated/raised us because I knew he was doing the best he could.

So as I was scouring my Mac, searching all the folders and using keywords like “Dad” and “Father” — hoping I could find what I had written about 10 years ago…

Yes…I probably still have it somewhere, “You’re such a pack rat” my wife would say.

So as all the files came up on my Mac, I started reading them. Soon, I noticed that most of the references were about me.

There were stories to others and other emails from Liz to me about our children.

An hour later, I sat back in my chair and sighed as I was overwhelmed by the many stories had accumulated along the years about my children – I’ve provided links to most of them and you can click on the pictures for a larger view:

The Dad Bracelet my daughter made me.

Watching a video of my daughter when she was only 1? And wanted to be in the music video with my son. While my son lip synced the song, my daughter put her hand on her hip, the other in the air and started jumping up and down in a circle and said, “Lookie me, Dahh-dee, M dancing.”

Helping my son build a space station and him proudly holding it up (May 2002) or helping him build a true bow and arrow, “Those were the toys we played with Mijo…not Xbox.”

Joaquin – then in fourth grade, reading out loud up on the podium during church mass in (Oct 2003). Our conversation when I asked him if he was nervous speaking before a large crowd. He said, “No Daddy, I just don’t look at the people…I just read.”

How he came to the aid of his little sister, who had stepped in an ant-hill at school and got to her before anyone else. He started pulling off her shoes and began brushing off the ants, despite being stung too. Liz told me about this and said, “Joaquin to the rescue, my knight in shinning armor.”

The pinewood car we built for the derby contest for Joaquin in cub scouts.

Emmy winning the city basketball championships with her CYO team at the age of 7 – she’s number #32 at the left end. During the same time, her big brother (in 6th grade) being accepted to the school’s Duke University program.

Finally seeing my boy make a basket in basketball.

The tooth fairy story.

Joaquin playing for the Antonian football team.

The Water Bottle rocket science project.

Putting together my daughter and son’s game schedules

There are so many…many items and one stuck out to me as I had written a letter to my boy when he was going to his 8th grade retreat and we as parents were asked to write a letter to our son as he was graduating 8th grade and moving onto high school. I’ve attached the letter below if you’d like to read it — click on it for a larger view. I did, then wiped the tears from my face.

Yes…this techno savvy Dad still can write but not in cursive…you couldn’t read if it did!

I was inspired to write this post when I read the Sunday Parade magazine today and saw this quote from Tim Russet:

“When my life is over, there’s nothing more I’ll be judged on than what kind of father I was.”

With the help of my family, friends, children and my wonderful partner/wife Liz, I will do my best to be the best father I can. Go through your stuff and find pictures and stories…see what is really important in life.

Thanks for letting me share.

Beto – proud Papa.





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