Night time Pool Photo shoot 8-29-14


Had an opportunity to shoot my beautiful niece, Angel in my neighbor’s pool this past Labor Day weekend. Above is one of the photos I took.

I was interesting to say the least about shooting someone in a pool, at night with my camera gear. I used my Nikon D7000 and my Nikon SB600 speed light as well. Elizabeth and Emmy helped me too.

Shot wide open (F2.8) on my camera so I could blur out the background but then also set my camera’s white balance to “FLASH” which would added some warmth to the shots. Plus, Elizabeth and Emmy also used some high power flash lights to illuminate Angel when my camera would not focus.

Learned the hard way that you and the model will move in the water. For a big guy, I’m very buoyant. I did use my tripod on most of the shots but then went hand held and lost a lot of shots since my focus was so narrow, if Angel or I moved after I locked focus – she would be out of focus. But I was able to get some great shots though. Click on them for a large view.




I had her put her make up on really heavy (something she was not accustomed to) because I was afraid the make up would come off in the water. Glad we did.

I also took the opportunity to shoot some video. See the click below:

Emmy brought her camera and took some Behind the Scenes photos as well See below and click on them for a larger view.

All in all, I’m happy with what I shot.

Thanks for letting me share,


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