There’s a Birdie in my window!

I was in my study working and I kept hearing this “chirping” by the front door. It sounded like a little bird so I went to investigate.

Couldn’t find the source so my Emmy and I became “National Geographic Wildlife filters” patiently began to look for the source. It seemed to be coming from the bushes by her bedroom window. We held our breaths and kept looking. Finally Emmy found the birdie in the bushes.

We both grabbed our cameras and I started to film it using my Nikon D7000 and Emmy used her Nikon CoolPix for the photo. Tough shots for both of us as we had to shoot through from inside her room through her window…both jockeying for position. 🙂



We think it’s lost but the Mother keeps flying by. We think it’s one of those Texas Northern Mocking birds because that’s the one that is flying around – peering down at us, flashing it’s tail while we were out there.




8-9-14 UPDATE!

Was outside as my niece was leaving and I heard the familiar chirping. I looked up and saw the birdie in a tree across from our house but WAY UP in the tree! Glad he made it.



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