Oh the horror!

It Came From  Below

This past Saturday Liz and Emmy decided to do some gardening before it got too hot. So around 10am they went up front to re-plant some of her “plants”, add some dirt and then finish off by watering our poor “hay colored” grass. I went out and was talking to Liz then took over watering the lawn. As I was walking around spraying the water on much appreciative lawn  – I swear I could hear it going “ahhhhh….” – I started to water the bushes up by our home foundation.

As I was sweeping the hose back and forth a sudden movement caught my eye. Did I just see something slip into a hole by those rocks? You always see all kinds of little animals/reptiles/insects at our home so I gave the hose back to Liz and just watched the area by the rocks.

After about 2 mins, this little snake popped out it’s head. I smiled and called out to Liz,

“Hey Honey! Come check this out!”

She looks over at me then the area I’m pointing to…

“What…what is it?”

“Nothing…come on over,” a big smile creeping across my face.

“You’d better not scare me Gilbert…” and she threatens me with the hose.

…aah…the woman knows me too well.

She walked over and in her Tyrannosaurs Rex position – you know – hands up to your chest like the Tyrannosaurs Rex does? She looks over to what I’m pointing to.

“Agh!” Liz exclaimed. “Emmy and I were just digging there!”and she begins to try to brush off the goosebumps appearing on her arms.

She must have scared the little guy too because he repeated his “dive into his foxhole” as before. I took that opportunity to go inside and grab the camera. After another two minutes, “It Rose from the Depths” and I snapped these photos then whipped up a little 1960’s Horror film text to compliment the event.

When I showed Liz what I was going to post, she just responded, “Ha, ha..very funny Gilbert.”

Click on them to see a larger version.


Peekaboo Snake

Look close for the snake

2 thoughts on “Oh the horror!

  1. Man,
    You have gone from too much water in your house to no water outside the house.
    I am sure the only reason Lys didn’t soak you was the water restrictions!

  2. Liz, I would have drenched him – water restrictions or not!!!

    Sorry we missed the “date” opportunity with you guys the other night – the four of us out without the kiddos… when was the last time that happened????

    Miss ya”ll bunches.

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