One event shy of a good country song

Max sick with IV bag

I took our dog, Max to the Vet tonight. He’d been acting strange all day yesterday and was very lethargic and just not as energetic as we’re used to seeing him. No perky ears, no wagging tail. My son, Joaquin was worried because when he went to feed him that night – he just stayed in the spot by the side of the house – didn’t even come greet him. Joaquin mentioned that to me and I told him to give him fresh water and we’ll see how Max was in the morning.

Early Tuesday, Max was in the same spot and Joaquin got even more worried. He said Max looked like he couldn’t “poop.” I looked out the window and sure enough – there was Max in that awkward “C position” trying to do his business. So while getting ready for work and school, we did some quick online research and apparently for constipated dogs – some canned pumpkin might help things along. God bless her, Liz actually had some in the pantry. We scooped some out – put it on a plate next to him (Max didn’t even look up) and left him for the day. I patted him on the head and told Max I would come home later that day to check on him. Oh by the way – no pink eye for me. For those of you wondering – you’re supposed to get pink eye if you watch a dog poop.

Around 5pm I came home and he still wasn’t feeling good. Now I was worried. What if Max had an obstruction – so I took him straight to our Vet. Poor Max – he was poked, prodded and inspected at the office and they even did a blood test to rule out an infection.

Max's blood reportHe has diarrhea, is dehydrated and the Vet stated in some “medical term” that basically something did not agree with him. She couldn’t feel any blockage along the way – you can just visualize what they had to do to check…poor Max – but the blood test was somewhat revealing. They even let me keep the print out – man, back in my younger days – if we DID take our dog to the Vet – he would just give our dog a once over in horn-rimmed glasses and diagnose by sight – times have changed.

The Vet said he should be on fluids and asked if I was comfortable with giving him those through an IV? They prepared this IV bag with a concoction of antibiotic fluids – it looked like urine from someone that just wasn’t taking care of themselves. The Vet tech showed me how to pull up his skin (by his neck) and make a “tent” , insert this BIG A$$ needle into and under his skin (not into a vein) and pump 150ccs of the concoction by squeezing the bag with my free hand. Acknowledging the procedure, I became a Mobile Infantry Vet Medic – I can do it all.

max not feeling good close upThe final indignity was to shove a pain killer down Max’s throat before we left. He was so exhausted that while the Vet was explaining the blood test,  he actually laid down, on his side in the Vet’s examination room floor!

I got him home with all his Meds, extra needles and some dog food that should help. Vet said he might feel better in the morning once the fluids kick in but that I needed to give him another 150ccs twice a day till the bag runs out. I’ll have Joaquin and Emmy to help me too. Max is a good watch dog and we’d do anything for him – as he would for us.

I have to say it again, with everything happening – I’m just one life event from completing a good country song.

…and I thought I was going to have trouble posting content on this blog…



3 thoughts on “One event shy of a good country song

  1. I hope Max is feeling better. While I realize it is no laughing matter, I had forgotten how funny you are! I laughed out loud about the pink eye… all the superstitions… where do those come from??!!

  2. You know – I have to laugh about the whole situation. If I don’t – I’ll go nuts. It’s been a trying 30 days but I’m hoping to get through all this with my sanity in check.

    BTW – I administered his other 150ccs this morning with my sidekick Joaquin holding the bag and opening up the clamp on the IV hose. He did really good and watched the fluid go into Max. Max does have a little more “bounce” in his step this morning so he looks to be improving.

    As for the pink eye – not sure – something that must’ve been passed onto me on a school yard.

  3. So glad to hear that Max is feeling more like himself. The worst part is trying to sleep through the night when you know something’s wrong. Yes, and I agree about the “if we DID take our dog to the vet” statement. I remember all the pets that I had that “ran away.” (That’s what my dad said anyway.).

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