Max is feeling much better


Looks like the medication is working. We noticed a significant difference in Max’s behavior yesterday morning. He was more alert, came to greet us, his ears were up and was wagging his tail.  He still wasn’t eating as much but I did notice he had nibbled on the canned “medicated” dog food we left him – the one he dropped in the dirt remember? The Vet said it was going to be bland and I guess Max was just confirming that to us. When I got home yesterday, he had eaten most of it.

Max is Better!While I was outside with him, I asked him, “Where’s your ball?” And he immediately began searching the yard for his purple ball he loves to have me throw around with him. He looked for a bit but then got tired and just came over to sit with me. That was my cue to ask Joaquin to go get his IV bag for his next treatment – 2 times a day, 150ccs until it runs out. I had to hold Max this time since he was feeling better but he was a good dog and took his medication.

This morning my son is with me while I’m working from home. We went to check on Max and give him his dose of medication and again, he’s improving. I even heard him bark for the first time in a couple of days. Max is a great watch dog and it was comforting to hear that he was back on the job.

Thank you all for the kind words and support for Max, I’m positive those well wishes helped him as well.


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