Car Mount Test

Remember that little product I purchased a while back? Well – here is what it can be used for in my film making arsenal of tools. It’s a mount for a camera. My buddy Fernando and I did a quick test of it around my neighborhood. Got some funny looks from the neighbors (because a yellow car was driving around the block) but we managed to get this footage. I’m sorry it took me so long to post the video – but I just figured out how to post video (that I produced – not a link) to my blog. It’s down below the images.

dscn0205 dscn0215

Click on each image for a larger view – I know I forgot to take a picture of it on the hood..

I tell you what – it’s a leap of faith to have your camera outside a moving car. I was pretty anxious waiting for Fernando to drive back around and a sigh of relief escaped my mouth as I noticed the camera had not fallen off!

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4 thoughts on “Car Mount Test

  1. WTF is my jaw? This looks like a face planted onto a neck kind of video experiment. if this were science fiction it would be okay – but carb face is not.


  2. That clip is awesome guys. It had the feel of a multi camera shoot. Nice edit. I know the concern about the camera, I was shooting an nice waterfall this weekend and the thought of the velcro strap around my hand coming loose and the camera going for a swim ran through my head. Why do we expect the worst?

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