Opposites yes – but we’re still Brothers

WindmillMany of you don’t know that I’m from a large family. I grew up with four sisters and a brother. Martin is the youngest and he lives in Stockdale TX with his wonderful wife Patricia (Trish for short). They live on 104 acres and have horses, cows, chicken and dogs…yes…I’m related to him BY BLOOD.

Of course my kids LOVE  Uncle Martin and Aunt Trish because they are very gracious and let them ride horses, feed the cows and pick eggs from the hen house. Over the years, we’ve spent numerous holidays with them. My kids also get to drive the Polaris four-wheeler when they’re out and have had to “Four-wheel it” across a dry creek crossing.

Well, my brother sent me some pictures of how he BUILT A BRIDGE to accommodate his tractor!

Geez, I build stuff but not at this scale. I thought it was really cool to see and wanted to share with everyone.

And yes – he’s my baby brother. Oh and being out on “the ranch” has it’s disadvantages…and advantages – as evident from the pictures after the bridge pics.

Wow – Beto

click on each picture for a larger view

martin_build_bridge-0001Using the big toysmartin_build_bridge-0003martin_build_bridge-0004



3 thoughts on “Opposites yes – but we’re still Brothers

  1. I envision an even better show! Not wife swap but husband swap ! Gilberto has to go live on the ranch for a week and do farmwork! Yes, I can see it now tractor driving, snake killing. All very good for TV ratings.

  2. All wanting to see a reality show about Gilberto eh?
    Reality is fantasy, Fantasy is reality. 🙂

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