A slideshow of my son’s 2nd football season

bss_imageMy son and my daughter go to Blessed Sacrament school, As a 7th grader, it was Joaquin’s second year playing football. This is middle school football so the team consists of 6th, 7th and 8th graders. In the past I had posted a webpage of his schedule on my main website www.g-man.net and had done the same for his first year as well.

Now, I’m more of a videographer but my wife’s Nikon D40 digital camera was just calling to me. So I started taking pictures of his games during the second season. Turns out (like with video) that if I’m behind the lens – then I won’t get so over excited about the game – you know, proud papa and all. Soon I was walking down on to the sidelines and just getting really involved in the picture taking. I was snapping close to 100 pictures a game and when the season ended – I had a total of about 900 images! I finally culled them down and decided to make a slideshow of the season.

My theme for this slideshow (it’s all about themes with me) was “Band of Brothers” like the Band of Brothers HBO series – which I highly recommend to anyone. I used the music from the series, assembled the images into a slideshow and then burned it to a DVD. I even designed a DVD cover image. That first image up to the left is the DVD cover – if you click on it – a larger image will “pop up” on your screen.

My intent was to capture the toughness, camaraderie and friendship the team displayed during the football season – plus to present this DVD of the season to the hard working and caring coaching staff.

Below you will find a movie of the slideshow so click on the play button.

A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.

The “flash version” doesn’t do the pictures any justice – I had to compress “the heck out of it for web delivery” so for a higher resolution version click on this link and select the Quicktime version.

Be prepared to wait though, it’s a big file so there will be a delay in the presentation and you PEECEE users may need to install the free player to see the slideshow at a higher resolution.

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