Origins of DJ Wack name


I sent my link to my family and friends via email about my son’s DJ premiere last night and some where asking where DJ Wack came from. Here’s an interesting anecdote.

“Wack” is his nickname from Blessed Sacrament Catholic School. When he was playing Tee Ball, one of his baseball coach’s would yell, “C’mon Joaquin! Wack that ball! Wack it! “ And so the nickname stuck. All his buddies would call him “Hey Wack!” and he’d show that big ‘ol toothy grin of his acknowledging the moniker. I even remember hearing one time he fell in the school yard and one of his buddies ran to the teacher and screamed, “WACKERS IS DOWN!”

So last weekend when we found out he was gonna be DJ’n, of course Elizabeth asked if he’d picked out a DJ name. She suggested DJ Wack so he could say on the radio, “Hey It’s WACK!”

The name must’ve stuck because even though he brushed her off – we heard him use it last night. Later after his “set” – I talked/texted with him (how I got his selfie) and told him he did good. Aside from mispronouncing the McDermitt Gym (Mac…Demmit) while reading an announcement of the next UIW basketball game, I told him he should probably practice those before reading them live.

Elizabeth would hear his miss-pronouncements and just close her eyes, move her hand to her forehead…then I heard her whispering a prayer for her boy.

He’s playing electronic/trance music and I mentioned some of the songs started too low or slow but that I was looking forward to next week’s show.

“It might be different than electronic since it took forever to find songs” he texted me.
“Well, your Mom, Uncle David and Mike want ROCK. :-)” I texted back.
“That’s what I was thinking” he stated.

But he did get the weather portions right, “And outside it’s…oh wow…forty…two degrees.” 

I was waiting for him to notify us of a traffic back up too.

Too funny.


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