Pumpkin Carving at the last minute!

Last night we were getting ready for Halloween when my 9 year old daughter asks, “Dad can we carve a pumpkin for Halloween?”

We were having one of Emmy’s friends come over with her parents for dinner and “group trick-or-treating” so I only had one hour to do this for my daughter. As I looked down at her beautiful light colored eyes, I couldn’t resist so I said,

Sure Honey…go get your pattern and pumpkin

I also went and got me my wonderful little tool I picked up around two years ago. It’s a mini-SawZaw for pumpkin carving. I had seen it awhile back and thought – this should work pretty well. It was only $7 bucks and I said, “That is such a neat, time saving tool I could use.”

All my wife heard were grunts, and “ooo-ah-ah-ah” plus me pounding my chest.

So I went and got my tool and Emmy and I start carving at 5:30pm. By 6pm – we were done. I posted some pictures down below if you want to see.

I also have some pictures of our trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. There is this one house where the guys really goes all out. He did not disappoint this year either. He added more props. Plus there is another house with this crazy Jack-O-Lantern guy in the tree. Pretty creepy.

So I cleaned out my wonderful little tool and put it away – ready for next year.


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