Jeez…this scared the you-know-what-outta-me

Halloween is over and strangely enough so are some of my film making projects. For now that is…

I think most of you remember me and a couple of good friends entering a contest this year called the 48 hour film project. It was a great venture and we even got one of our favorite genres – horror. We did a great job on our movie called Watched and I remember thinking,

Maybe we should enter other contests?

I remember seeing a contest from the ChillerTV movie channel last year called Dare2Direct. It was almost like the the 48 hour film project but it was only for horror and it was a national contest. Our team was too busy doing the 48hr and I don’t think they had it this year so we didn’t participate.

But on Halloween night, after all the trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving, I sat down to watch some scary movies on the ChillerTV network.

They were showing the movie “The Messengers” and during the commercial breaks – they presented the 2009 EyeGore awards. Kinda like the Dare2Direct contest. They were presenting the top 10 independent films with the winner being the one below.

Jeez…this one scared me. Not for the kiddos mind you so take a peek…if you dare.

Oh – if you’re interested in last year’s winner of the ChillerTV Dare2Direct movie – the link is below.



One thought on “Jeez…this scared the you-know-what-outta-me

  1. I try to watch scary movies whenever they are on
    usually alone because nobody likes them but me. I’m glad to find out you enjoy it too.
    I usually never feel scared but
    I have to tell you that one gave me the creeps…
    love it 🙂

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