Radar Owl – scaring the birds – no more poop…hopefully

Hooty Owl on patrol.

We’ve been having some problems with some birds pooping on our trucks parked in our driveway…so we went and got an owl.

…well a plastic one at that. You can see from the gallery below that some branches have grown over our driveway and right over Liz’s new truck. Birds have decided to start roosting right on those overhangs and they began to drop “their stuff” on her black truck.

That sucks.

I know we need to prune the tree but I don’t want to haul it away so we’re going to wait until we have brush pick up which will be around March. Plus, we’ll probably have some guys come by and prune the tree really well. No need to have me hanging on a ladder trying to save some money by doing it myself…then paying for the emergency room visit or worse…some damage to our home.

In the meantime, what do we do about the pooping birds?

Liz mentioned that her parents used a plastic owl so I purchased one and tried to figure out how to hang in about 20ft above our driveway without killing myself in the process.

Enter my PVC.

Yes, that wonderful stuff I use for DIY projects. I found some 10ft poles in the garage and with a coupler – I had my 20ft. I simply added a hook to the owl and strung it up. Check out the pics below.


Hopefully this will tie us over until March but I’ll keep everyone posted to see if Hooty Owl works.

Funny thing is that we already have owls in the greenbelt behind our home…



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