Rodeo Play Day in Gonzales Tx

We spent most of the day in Gonzalez TX watching my Sister-in-law, Trish (or as she’s know to our family, “Aunt Trish”) competing in a rodeo “Play Date ¬†Day.” Plus, my little niece, Alyssa was participating too.

Pretty cool to see all groups of people racing their horses in the arena. And gosh do those riders move FAST! Horses turn on a dime too. Great horsemanship from all the participants.

Both Liz and shot this day, I was from the low angle in the arena and Liz was up by the announcer booth. We got some great shots and are going through soon but for now, I just wanted to post some quick images of the day. Plus you get to see how different my younger brother and I really are….but we share the same values.

So click on the images below to see a larger view.

Fun day.


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