Merit Badges for Adults

This past week we found out we had Termites in our guest bathroom. Another one of life’s challenges we’ve had to face. When I tell people about these experiences, most will tell me, “Yeah, we’ve had that happen to us.” I’ve noticed that reaction when mentioning other major events happening in our life. It’s almost like we’re going through a “rite of passage.”

“That got me thinking”.

See, my son has been working his way towards the Eagle Scout Rank in Boy Scouts. He’s had to complete many, many tasks and earn Merit badges along the way – (got them all already.)

“So why can’t we get them as adults? “

So, rather than dwell on the negativity of finding out we have termites, I thought I would put this creative ‘ol noggin of mine to work.

Why can’t adults have Merit Badges for accomplishments overcoming life’s challenges? God knows I’ve had enough. Of course they will be “a little different” than the Scout Merit Badges (a little more home owner designed) but they are for accomplishments. My wife and I have had to deal with Dryer problems, House flooding and even leveling our house foundation. I’ve posted most of these stories under the category of “God is Testing me” on my blog to share with all.

“We’ve all gone through this kind of stuff and it should be worthy of recognition right?”

So up top is my first one. Termite Eradication. There are/will be others. Plenty for me to design…

I know, I’m crazy…but it helps me to “associate” with others as they do with me when I tell them of life’s experiences/challenges.



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