Snow flurries at our home!

Yeah, we got some snow flurries alright. I used the blue arrows to let you know where they hit around our home.

Our home is the one in the middle of the picture – click on the picture for a larger view. You can see my silver truck and my wife’s car in driveway. Also, look for the words, SANTA LZ “landing zone” painted on the roof. Just kidding. I’m supposed to put up landing lights later. 🙂

Anyways, the weather men said San Antonio had a 70% chance of snow flurries on Friday mid-morning. I was excited until I heard, “60%…no wait, 50%…40%…maybe…”

Those weather guys must make great poker players.

So I was bummed. I did see some snow flakes when I drove off to get my lunch. But it was like, “What was that? Cotton?” That was the extent of the snow flurries in our area.

Bummer. Maybe next time.


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