Some pictures from our Rockport Tx Fishing Trip

This was a photo I snapped just before we left on the boat to fish. I love the texture and lights.

As I had mentioned, we had a great time Bay fishing with my Brother Martin and my Sister-in-law Trish. I’m not a big sea, beach or fishing guy but my kids were really looking forward to it as was Liz.

I took my trusty NIKON D7000 with my Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 lens and shot in Aperature priorty all of the day. I wanted the nice shallow depth of field the 2.8 lens would create and to increase my shutter speed (to about 1250/second) I set my ISO down to 100. That high shutter speed was great since most of the time I was holding onto the boat with one hand, and the camera with the other while my brother raced along the Bay. The high shutter speed helped freeze the action.

It was a challenge to get the shots I wanted because “we are out fishing, not taking pictures” as my brother reminded me. But with my camera set on continuos burst mode  (6.5 shots per second) – I got a lot of good stuff. Too much as a matter of fact – about 800 photos! Which I whittled down to 250.

My Sister-in-law Trish wants some prints of my photos and I’m honored she would ask – so of course I can’t just give her what’s straight out of the camera right?

I’ve picked some photos not used in my slideshow (click here to view) to do some “creative manipulation” with some stylized filters and actions in Photoshop.

See the gallery below. You can click on images for a larger view.

Thanks for letting me share.


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