An Entrepreneur in the making – Duct Tape Flower pens

Tonight my little girl was asking me for Duct tape…hmmm…..

This evening after I made dinner, my little girl Emmy decided to tell me of her new “venture.”

“I’m making Duct tape flower pens Daddy.”


I don’t know where she learned this but apparenatly she’s already sold three to her friends at .50 cents each. So she grabbed her stuff and started fulfilling her orders. This way she could make more money to buy “other”different colored duct tape.

As she worked on the table, I took out my camera and experimented with my NIKON SB-600 Flash settings to capture, “Creativity” at it’s best.

See the gallery below.

She said she’ll have more orders to fill tomorrow.

Leave it to my little girl to put a feminine twist on Duct tape.




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