“Sure! My Dad is creative…he can do anything.”

I know what you’re thinking.

“What does this picture on the left have to do with my creativity?

My daughter’s class is going to be participating in the church mass this Friday and they needed some “props.” Specifically clay water jugs to be used in the Wedding at Cana: Christ’s FirstMiracle, Turning Water into Wine at a Wedding from the Gospel of John 2:1ff.

As my daughter’s teacher was showing the kids that she had bought some styrofoam sheets to cut out the clay water pots – my daughter immediately jumped up and said, “Oh my Dad can cut those out, he’s really good at stuff like that. I know he can do it.”

…at work, the hairs on the back of my neck bristled…as if someone was talking about me.

Later Liz called me at work to soften the blow and my head started to swim with ideas on how to cut the foam without it being so messy. That stuff just crumbles. I had heard of some hot wire foam cutters and even contemplated making my own but it involves electricity running between one wire and…well…I’m not that brave. I’ll go buy what I need. I visited an old hobby store and found what I needed.

On Thursday my wife and Emmy came home with six sheets of styrofoam for me to cut out. They did the research online and showed me pictures. Then on Sunday we got to work. I almost ran out of the gold paint but I squeezed out every bit I could. You can see the progress below in the photo gallery but here is the final product(s).

I’ve got to stop showing my kids what I can do! Maybe this will help get me into heaven?

But seriously – I love to help out my kids and their teachers. Fun stuff.



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