Texas Renaissance Festival 2018

What an ADVENTURE! I hadn’t been to the Texas Renaissance Festival in over 20+ years and so Elizabeth, Conny, Ray and I decided – LETS GO! 

We took off from San Antonio TX around Sat 8:20am (after breakfast) and drove the 3 hours towards Houston – took a left at Katy and then another hour to Todd Mission Texas. We were making great time until we were about 6 miles to the entrance – OMG Bumper to Bumper for 6 miles!! Took us about 2 hours to travel that length but it was worth it. I took about 1390 photos (in burst mode) on my Sony A6500. Gosh there was SO MUCH to see! Next year – I think I just need to do video to catch everything. 

I’ve created two galleries since there are 152 images. So click on the the gallery link to expand it. Then use the arrow to collapse it and see the 2nd gallery. Just like my other galleries – click on the images for an expanded view.  

Texas Renaissance Festival Nov 2018 Images


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