Thank you.

Actors, Cameraman and Crew – Excellent job on the shoot. I’ve decided to post a few screen snaps of the shoot here on this private blog post.

Angelica – OMG, you nailed it. I did pick the right person to be in front of the camera. You were…incredible.

Fernando – my hats off to you. You not only had to act but also get the “shot” with all that uncomfortable gear on your head. I could’t have done this movie without you.

Jim – My “right-hand man.” You kept me calm but on track. And don’t worry – I feel that the 2nd round helped get my characters in the mood and perfected their timing.

Mike – one of the things that I never have to ask from you is to help – you’re always there to just get it done. You are always there for me.

Joel – I never, ever heard the word “no” from you. “Joel, I need a zombie…I need you to be at the door.” “Where is there some tape?” You were there and even took your job seriously as the Zombie by cutting your elbow.

Dan – I’m so sorry I kept you from dinner and I so am appreciative of your kindess, your williness to help and encourage me to “get the shot I want” despite running over.

Jody – I can’t tell you how much having your storyboard illustrations helps us “get the shot.” They were invaluable to me, the actors, cameraman and crew.

Thank you all. My goal is to have this movie completed before Halloween and I will have a “Premiere party” at my home for the Actors, Crews and your friends. I’ll keep you posted.

Only people with password can see so please do not publish. These are just from the GoPro and not from the pictures that Jim and Mike took. I’ll post those after the movie premiere. I just wanted to let everyone know how it looks from the “camera perspective.” The images are a little grainy which is what I expected from the camera under low light. I”ll probably “denoise” the clips (I cleaned one up of Angelica staring at camera) which will soften them a bit but once I add the other effects – blurry vision etc and black out – it will look great.

We’ll probably need to shoot the outside shots again – I’m still mulling that over (that’s why I haven’t posted that part) but I’ll make that decision after I put a rough cut together.

See the gallery below to view the shots and click on them to enlarge.

Anyways – thank you all and please forgive me if I was abrupt with anyone. I’ll do better next time.


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