The Apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree…

I picked up my son and daughter as my wife had to attend an “after hours” function tonight. I showed up around 5:30pm to get my daughter (Emmy) from after school care and she and I went to over to the gym to pick up Joaquin from daily Basketball (BBall) practice.

As we were driving home I made sure to ask them (from the list my wife had provided me):

  • How was school today?
  • Do you have any homework?
  • Did you bring it home?
  • Do you have all your stuff?
  • Let me check.

Emmy stated that she had to finish up her PowerPoint presentation (she’s 9) for her Science experiment. I said, “Okay Mija, you can work on your Mom’s laptop while I make dinner.” Joaquin did not have any homework but I told him he’d have to fold his clothes from the laundry I did on Sunday.

When we got home, I reminded my son to fold his clothes while Emmy fired up my wife’s laptop.

In my day, we just went to our rooms and cracked opened our books, expertly covered in Butter Crust book cover paper.

I made spaghetti (broke a spoon) and had dinner while we watched Sing Off on ABC. Pretty good show, if you haven’t caught it.

Finally around 8pm I made them take showers but afterwards, Emmy came to me and asked if I could help her test her Science experiment.

“Put these on Daddy, do I look blurry?”

She was doing a Science experiment with a school mate on how animals and insects see…

I was to look through some safety goggles that she had “modified” so it would be as if I had fly-eyes. They were blurry. So she got it right.

“See Daddy, a fly can’t focus on one thing since it has many eyes…”

She had cut up a plastic cup then placed the squares on the goggles I had lent her and wrapped the whole thing in Glad Cling wrap. Works for me…I took them off since I was getting a headache. You can click on the pictures for a larger picture.

My daughter snickered and went off to bed knowing that the “fly-eye goggles” she had built herself, worked on Dad.

Oh, did I mention she had built a POWERPOINT presentation too? She’s nine. Amazing.

Got another Scientist in the making – we’ve been involved in helping our son do his Science projects in the past. Click here to see his 2007, 2008 and 2009 projects.

I just love my family.

Thanks for letting me share.



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