The “Eyes” have it.


I wanted to share a story that most people with a “significant other” would most definitely associate and appreciate. I also set up a new category that has other stories I’ve written if you’d like to read them Just click on this link, MUSINGS.

Now onto our story…

Our son Joaquin is beginning his Sophomore year at UIW and has decided he wants to live on campus. He was initially denied housing since he was a “local commuter” and out-of-town students have priority. But was put on a waiting list and told housing would email people each Friday in July if any openings came up. He was bummed but both Elizabeth and I told him to stay positive – there are 5 Fridays in July.

So each Friday he’d somberly tell us he didn’t get in. By Thurs 7/30, he’d given up. He and Elizabeth decided to begin the process of returning the extra Student loan monies they had procured when on the very last Friday of July (7/31) he got the call. They had an apartment for him. He was elated, as were we.

Told you…

It’s been a mad dash to get him what he needs and prepare for the move this weekend. Momma Bear quickly created a shopping list and has already procured almost everything her Cub needs. This Friday, he’ll go to the Housing office, turn in paperwork, get his key and begin the move. School starts on Monday 8/17/2015.

This past Monday, while we were both sitting on the sofa enjoying some TV after a delicious dinner, I looked over at my beloved and asked,  “So, what do you expect from me during Joaquin’s move?”

“It was a honest question and I wanted to know what was expected.”

She straightened up, looked at me and replied, “I’m taking this Friday off from work to help him…” and then just stared at me, remaining motionless.

I’ve seen that look before….

The lioness, hunched low in the tall grass, eyes locked onto a nearby wildebeest grazing on the green pasture.

The rattle snake with it’s cold non-blinking reptilian eyes, coiled and ready to strike the oblivious field mouse chewing on some seeds.

Count Dracula (B/W Bela Lugosi), eyes widening and eyebrows raised from behind his cape, forcing his will on the hapless victim using his powerful, hypnotic stare…

The hairs on the back of my neck bristle, the air feels stale and cool, sounds are muffled, yet I can’t stop gazing into her big…gorgeous, brown eyes. I begin to smile as I appreciate her perfectly manicured  eyebrows, her smooth soft skin, those lush, full red lips that begin to part and reveal fangs…

I snap out of my trance when I unconsciously wipe a bead of sweat trickling down my temple. I blink rapidly, clear my throat, and respond, “I’ll see about taking this Friday off too.”

“Yessssssssssss….” she hisses.

Slowly, the love of my life ensconces herself back at my side, the ambient light returns to normal, the TV blares another “…hit by a company vehicle?!” commercial and the ceiling fan begins its clockwise rotation…

I inhale deeply. That was close…too close.


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