The Lighting Thief and the Acoustic Sweet spot

Saw the movie on Saturday with my kids and one of Emmy’s friends. Wifey had a wedding to attend, so it was just me and kiddos.

We thought we’d just stroll in 20mins before the movie started but I was amazed that the tickets were almost sold out!

I was not about to sit in the front row or be separated, plus we’d be craning our necks to view the movie so we opted to find another theatre showing.

I stepped out of line, whipped out my trusted iPhone and using Flixster, quickly located another movie showing an hour later at another theatre.

I looked over at the kids and said, “Drake, we are LEAVING!”

We drove over, purchased our tickets an hour early, went in and waited for the theatre to be cleaned out.

Glad we did that – the line behind us grew long pretty quick.

Since we were up at the front of the line, we got in first and I was able to seat us all in prime viewing location in the theatre.

We got the “acoustic sweet spot” – see the video below. Liz swears this is how I act.

Anyway, the movie was good, I enjoyed it. Joaquin and Emmy both really wanted to see this movie since they have both read the books. I love to sneak looks over at my kids during the movie, to see their eyes transfixed on the big screen, unconsciously grinning in the dark. Reminds me of…me.

But I think I got more delight out of hearing them point out the “creative liberties” film makers took while making the movie. On the drive home, they both stated they loved the movie but both got quite competitive in reminding each other of the differences between the book and the movie.

My heart swelled with pride knowing I’m not the only one in our family that compares what they read, to what they see on the big screen….but at a much younger age.

Of course now they can’t wait until the next one of the series comes out. The conversation transitioned from the movie to Greek mythology and naming the Gods from memory…

Zeus, Poseidon, Hades…heck Joaquin even told me that the Blacksmith of the Gods is Hephaestus.

Go look it up…I did when I got home.

I’m truly blessed to have such wonderful children that love to read.


Below is a 2min video of a character from a show I love to watch (The Big Bang Theory) as he goes about locating the “acoustic sweet spot” in a movie theatre. It is pretty funny.


One thought on “The Lighting Thief and the Acoustic Sweet spot

  1. its not just that your kids are awesome, that you watch BBT, or that you’d leave a theater for better seats—its also that you quote aliens–very awesome~

    I’m glad your kids read! too bad movies rarely beat the book (with a few notable exceptions, the best being Princess Bride)

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