The Ogre is fixed.

Finally fixed my nephew’s painted Ogre miniature.

My 12 year old nephew was very excited to show me a miniature he had painted. Since my nephew has begun to paint them, he’s asked me for tips on painting since I had painted some so long ago. Made me feel very proud that he would ask me for advice.¬†While gathering it to bring it to me, he dropped it and it broke. He was crushed but I told him I could fix it.

See, these miniature are made of soft metal and are heavy, if you drop them they don’t bounce, they break at the weak points. I remember having that happen to me a long time ago when I was painting miniatures.

Way…way back when my eyesight was much better.

So I busted out my “little tools” to fix his miniature. I found my pin vise, a special tool that allows you to “hand drill” into the soft metal. I was basically going to add strength to the joints by drilling a hole and then insert a metal wire to give it strength. My nephew would then reassemble the Ogre and glue it back together with epoxy.

As I was drilling out the metal it became apparent that it was going to take longer than I thought so I busted out the big tool – my Dremel. That did the trick. I took some pictures and posted a gallery below. Click on the images for a larger view.

Oh and remember those miniatures that I told you I used to paint? Well sadly they are tucked away in boxes but my nephew comes over and picks some out to paint and show me.

The Legend lives on…

You can click on the images for a larger view.


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