There’s something you don’t see every day…

So my wife and I were watching the newest episode of The Big Bang Theory and we laughed as the episode chronicled the nerds adventures in meeting their Demi-God, Stan Lee. It’s a good show, you should watch it.

The show ended and I was starting to flip through the channels when I came across a familiar scene.

A balcony view of an arena, in the middle was a big square white canvas surrounded by blue ropes, three to a section attached to four padded poles. You could see the audience cheering the numerous combatants inside the ring. A striped referee bounced from corner to corner.

I noticed platinum blonde hair, curly brown hair, straight black hair, snapping in all direction as short shorts and knee high boots thrashed around the ring.

I realize I have just described the attire of the male wrestler but then I noticed short cropped tops, bulging cleavage, eye shadow and lipstick! It was the WWE show with a female-all-out-fight/match…but with pillows! They were using the pillows as WEAPONS in a badly choreographed fight for the title!

Suddenly I snapped back to reality when I picked up Liz in my peripheral vision. She was craning her neck towards the TV and said, “What, is that?”

Quickly, I recovered and doing my best to feign disinterest, I calmly stated “Hmmm…that’s odd. It’s a pillow fight in the wrestling arena….”

I pursed my lips and raised my arm holding the remote to show I was about to change the channel…it was a tricky move to pull off, but I had to go for it.

“I’ll change it,” I stated, my eyes darted back to her and then to the TV. If I was greeted with the mannequin look**, well, I was ready to bolt like a Gazelle on The Serengeti, when it spots the rapidly approaching cheetah…

But before I could do anything, she yelled, “Wait! Don’t change it!”

I was startled and confused, an inexplicable variable had been introduced to my precarious situation.

She told me to not to change the channel.

I even mouthed the words back to myself to be sure I had heard it right. She didn’t want me to terminate with extreme prejudice the buxom, tanned, over acting combatants from the TV. Did she want to watch more?

I looked up to Liz and saw that she was staring at the TV, pointing…

Dumbfounded, I turned to the TV and saw something I hadn’t expected.

There in the audience, in the front row…no…in front of the front row, were Cheech and Chong, seated in leather chairs watching the match! They were laughing and pointing at the women in the ring. Having just the grandest of times.

Wow…that was a shocker.

And if you don’t believe me, below is the link:

WWE RAW Preview: Big Match, Bret Returns, Cheech & Chong By Ryan Clark | March 01, 2010 Tonight’s edition of WWE RAW takes place from the Ford Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Here’s a preview: – Cheech and Chong will host. Despite the fact that WWE is TV-PG programming, it appears the company will be playing off the comedy duo’s marijuana-based routine, as lists the following preview for tonight:

link: WWE RAW Preview: Big Match, Bret Returns, Cheech & Chong –

I finally was “told” to change the channel so I clicked off the TV then noticed Liz smiling.

Smiling? Was she smiling? I think she rather enjoys seeing me in those situations.


**guys you know the look I’m talking about. When you’ve done something utterly stupidly wrong, your mate huffs, cocks their head to one side and then just stares at you motionless, like a mannequin..waiting for you to do something even more stupid.

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