TRANSFORMERS 2 – a decent popcorn action film.

No Story Transformers

I had high hopes for this movie…or at least the kid in me did. I had already planned on seeing this movie with my son but we had a team building exercise at work where our bosses took us to lunch and a movie. It was nice to see a movie on “company time.”

They gave us movie options and this one popped up as a choice. Sorry Joaquin, but Daddy wants to see this movie. I’m kinda glad I went without him. There was some crude humor by these two “gangster” AUTOBOTS and I’ll just have to warn my 13 year old son about that.
transformers 2 movie poster
During our lunch some people asked me if I had heard about the Transformers movie. When I told them, “Yes” they asked if I thought it was gonna be good. I just said, “It’s gonna be bigger, louder, more explosions and lots of action.”

I was right – including the “no story” part I did not mention. But then what was I thinking? It’s a sequel and the only really good sequels that I’ve seen are Star Trek, Wrath of Khan, Star Trek, First Contact, Aliens and Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Okay – there are probably others but I can’t think of them right now.

*Update found this – other people agree*

Don’t get me wrong. I liked the movie but it really was just louder. And I still can’t get over how stupid the AUTOBOTS sounded when they spoke. With the exception of leaders of the Transformers, Optimus Prime and Megatron – the rest just sounded like cartoon character.

Transformers 2 ticket stub“Beto…they ARE cartoon characters.”

Oh…right. So what if I built a costume for me (way back when) and then my son?

I think Shia did a great job and I’d love to say that Megan Fox was blossoming as a good actress and not just eye candy…but then I’d be lying. This is not a movie about acting.

It’s a long movie and during the last hour, the theater must have been trying out the “HEATARAMA” effect because the AC went out. I just figured since the end was in the desert, they wanted us not only to SEE and HEAR the movie – they wanted us to FEEL it too. We’re hitting record highs down here in SA (100 or more) and it got hot in the theater. After the movie, management was nice enough to greet us as the exits with a complimentary ticket since it they realized there was a problem.

When it comes out on DVD, I’ll probably buy it since I’m such the FX junkie.

On another note, I found this cool video on a website I follow.  You can see how a small sized robot “transforms.” You can watch it for about a minute – once you see it transform once, it just does the same through the 3 minute video. Could’ve done without the music too.


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