Very cool RETRO iPhone case

This actually pretty cool.

Someone took an old unused Newton, hollowed it out and fitted it for an iPhone.

I’m not sure how great that would be — that old case is probably a little smaller in size than a VHS tape…you remember those?

The reason I know the size of the Newton is because I actually have one, thanks to my buddy Jim who gave it to me as a birthday present oh…so many years back. And it still works.

I think the case would be just too big to carry around and Newton stylus wouldn’t work as input device for the iPhone either.

Regardless, it would be cool to see the reaction on people’s faces when they see you whip this puppy out BUT even more fun to see the reaction of people that actually know what a Newton is/was!

Most people forget the Newton was one of the first PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) that crashed horribly and soon the Palm came onboard.

I remember taking mine to work and having to reply to the many questions about my device,

“What is that?”

“A Newton.”

“A what?”

“A PDA.”

“A what?”

“An electronic Franklin Planner…”

“Ohh! I get it now!”


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