Okay – this is just too cool.

I remember making a transformer costume way back when. With four friends I took my costume to 6th street in Austin, TX for Halloween that year. It was a good costume but very restrictive and I remember everyone asking if I could “transform.”

I couldn’t so after the fourth request, I’d already come up with a lame story about how if I did, “…the Decepticons would get me.” So I couldn’t transform. That seemed to pacify the requesters until of course, someone else would come up and ask me again..and again.

After a while my friend Alice (who was getting very tired of the requests) would use other colorful excuses as to why I couldn’t transform…needless to say, the amount of times people asked and alcohol she consumed played an important role in her word selection…if you know what I mean. 🙂

But this guy – well – he beats me hands down.

Wow…now that’s cool.


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