Behind the camera this week which means…game high lights.

I was back behind the camera for my son’s football game this past Friday – last week I got to enjoy the game as a fan thanks to my friends. We had a decisive victory against the Mount Sacred Heart team. Look for my #79 at the bottom of the defensive pile at :40 seconds.

This time if felt more like football weather! It was overcast and cool. It only got up to about 65 degrees that day and it had rained a lot in the morning. I was wondering if there was going to be a lot of mud but not too much on field. The overcast sky messed with my white balance but I think I fixed it during the second half when it turned to night.

I’ve also decided to try a different video service – Vimeo.
I think it looks better. You tell me.

Blessed Sacrament Football VS Mount Sacred Heart from G-Man on Vimeo.

Next week will be a tough game – Holy Spirt. Then St Mary’s from Fredericksburg the following Thursday night.

Thanks for watching and visiting.


2 thoughts on “Behind the camera this week which means…game high lights.

  1. Looks great! Maybe get a few shots from up high to see the whole playingfield. Just a suggestion.

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